Fia - Morning Time (Awoia)

Morning Time 2

A Dancehall singer-songwriter hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, is not an everyday occurrence. But rising star Fia manages to merge his laid-back Haiwan island heritage beautifully, with the feel-good vibes and off-beat reggae rhythms, in his latest track "Morning Time" (Awoia).

One of this track's most striking features is Fia's powerful vocal range, like a beautiful cross between a Hawaiian version of Ne-yo and Babyface. Fia's rich, smooth delivery fits exquisitely with the sensual themed, upbeat lyrics such as "Place your hand in mine, swing ya hips on my way, Cuz girl I'm only here until the morning time." Such romantic, passion-filled sentiments throughout the song, are bound to touch even the coldest of hearts. And allows Fia to showcase his swooning, smooth and enticing personality.

When these components are combined with the catchy melody and almost hypnotic dancehall beat and production, it makes for a comprehensively joyous, buoyant and danceable experience.

The icing on the top of this impressive song is the stunning music video. A genuinely heartwarming viewing, blending all the most important aspects of life, which align perfectly with the track. The video's family and friends' theme, dancing, togetherness, and comedic value further push the songs positive vibe, and Fia's kind and fun nature. Merging all these characteristics is no mean feat. But Fia does it in such a compelling, empowering manner, whilst staying true to his roots, and incorporating such an open and welcoming environment for everyone, making any watcher feel truly welcomed into Fia's happy world. Such attributes and qualities are a real must for anybody during this testing and uncertain times. And such tracks allow us to have some much needed cheerful respite and escapism.

Fia has steadily been gaining a bigger and bigger reputation in Hawaii, and recently saw him signed by the local record label "Ineffable Records". And unforgettable songs like "Morning Time (Awoia)" will only see his name grow to an even greater international audience in years to come.

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